Monthly Archives: December 2015

Nicholas Martin (Profile)

Nicholas Martin

During a family visit to Blackpool in 1969 Nicholas overheard the Wurlitzer organ being played in the famous Tower Ballroom by none other than Reginald Dixon. Upon hearing that instrument, performed by “Mr. Blackpool”, in that environment, Nick was overwhelmed with the organ. It was shortly after this visit that Nick started his musical studies.

David Dunlap (Profile)

David Dunlap

David C. Dunlap began playing the organ under unusual circumstances. When his father considered enrolling in organ classes with the Mott Adult Education Foundation Program in Flint, Michigan, his father was too nervous to go by himself. So he took eleven-year-old David along for moral support. They both ended up enrolling, making David the youngest person ever to study in the adult program.

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