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Stories of London – The Theatre Organ

Stories of London - The Theatre Organ

Introductory text to the very interesting “Stories of London” website which has a wealth of material on theatre and pipe organs. A Theatre or Cinema Organ is a distinct type of Pipe Organ developed for a specific purpose, which was to entertain an audience and grew to be a unique instrument. Unlike the Pipe Organ where […]

Tywyn Wurlitzer – 2016 Concerts

The Tywyn Wurlitzer (Photo by Mark Laflin)

CONCERTS TICKETS (Available at the Door): £8.00. Advance Tickets are £7.00, available from: Flame Lily Health Store, High Street, Tywyn. ALL CONCERTS START AT 7:30pm. Sunday February 14th DAVID REDFERN Welcome to open our season again. Saturday March 26th JONATHAN MANN with Cor Meibion Bro Dysynni Choir.. Sunday May 1st SIMON GLEDHILL Return of one […]

The Theatre Organ Club

Richard Hills - Theatre Organ Club Patron for 2015

The Theatre Organ Club (TOC) was founded in 1938 as The Robinson Cleaver Radio Club to bring together the fans of the very popular broadcasting Organist, Robbie Cleaver. Right from the outset the Club was not restricted to just Robbie’s music and was keen to promote the Theatre Pipe Organ and its players generally, which makes it the oldest such club in the world. It changed it’s name to The Theatre Organ Club in the 1950s and has a membership of about 1,500 with the subscription deliberately kept to the minimum required for membership services.

Hammond Concert E

Hammond Concert E

This particular Hammond “Concert E” began its life in 1937 or 1938. The organ is difficult to date as Hammond did not want their customers to be able to date their models using the serial number (the number of ours is 8032 which matches Canterbury Cathedral records). The organ belonged to Carol Williams from 1979 to 2002, but spent the initial stages of its life in Canterbury Cathedral where it was installed in 1939.

The Worthing Wurlitzer

The Worthing Wurlitzer

A Brief History by Jim Buckland I bought the BBC theatre organ (late Empress) purely for material that I needed in the extension to the existing organ. A little over half of the instrument was used and the remainder I disposed of. A significant quantity of material came from the USA in particular the Style […]

The Cinema Organ Society

The Cinema Organ Society

The Cinema Organ Society was founded in 1952 by Hubert Selby and Tony Moss for those interested in organ music as entertainment. The Society caters for everyone interested in organ music as entertainment. It aims to promote the highest standards of theatre organ performance, presentation and technical skill. The Society advises on theatre organ installation and encourages the use of the instrument in public places. It also encourages the tuition of aspiring players and seeks to support the work of other groups with similar interests.

The Trocadero Wurlitzer Trust

The survival, ownership, installation and maintenance of the Trocadero Wurlitzer since the early demise of the Trocadero cinema in 1963 has been entirely in the hands of the Cinema Organ Society and funded by the generosity of its members. Over this time, the instrument has been used for public concerts, educational events and broadcasting and recording. The removal to storage in 2004 meant that once again the Society had to undertake the expensive and lengthy process of finding a new home and reinstalling the organ.

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