ORGAN1st Radio
ORGAN1st Radio
ORGAN1st Radio is presented by ex-BBC broadcaster Alan Ashton. The monthly sixty-minute podcast features old and new recordings of theatre organs, electronic organs and keyboards and covers everything from Wersi to Wurlitzer and Hammond to Compton.

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December 2017 release at the Ketron SD1 Plus


November 2017 release of festive tunes at the Wersi Scala.


Christmas Sequence Dance Music at the Technics FA-1


23 track compilation of Light Classical pieces.


2017 release at the Yamaha Tyros 5.


Early November 2017 Compilation featuring 35 of her all-time favourites, plus six unreleased tracks.


New documentary telling Klaus' story. DANISH IMPORT BLU-RAY (Oct. 28th)


New documentary telling Klaus' story. DANISH IMPORT DVD (Oct. 28th)

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