John Kyffin

John Kyffin John Kyffin sadly passed away in November 2021. He was one of the [...]

Claudia Hirschfeld – The Virtual Ticket

With the "Virtual Ticket" I will provide you, every day, a video including one song, [...]

Claudia Hirschfeld – German Best Instrumental Soloist

Claudia Hirschfeld Named as German Best Instrumental Soloist in 2019

Harry Stoneham (1930-2018) by Alan Ashton

From time to time the organ world throws up a mystery of some sort or [...]

The Organist Entertains Axed

The Organist Entertains Axed a Year Shy of it’s 50th Anniversary. The Organist Entertains is [...]

Brian Sharp Tribute Website

A new tribute website has been produced for the late Brian Sharp by Cled Griffin [...]

Brian Sharp 1937-2016

We were very sorry to hear the news that Alan Haven sadly passed away aged [...]

Alan Haven 1935-2016

Alan Haven enjoyed success with John Barry on the soundtracks to 1960s film classics including [...]

Ian Griffin (Profile)

Ian Griffin was always fascinated when his grandfather (on his mother’s side) played his Wurlitzer [...]

Claudia Hirschfeld (Profile)

Claudia is a world renowned professional organist and keyboard player: a veritable Superstar on her [...]

Robert Wolfe (Profile)

Robert Wolfe is recognised as one of the world's leading interpreters of the theatre organ. [...]

Nicholas Martin (Profile)

During a family visit to Blackpool in 1969 Nicholas overheard the Wurlitzer organ being played [...]