David Dunlap (Profile)

David C. Dunlap began playing the organ under unusual circumstances. When his father considered enrolling [...]

Hector Olivera (Profile)

Maestro Hector Olivera is a passionate, gifted, and unique musician, whose personal interpretations of both [...]

Klaus Wunderlich (Profile)

Klaus Wunderlich by Alan Ashton My first introduction to the music of Klaus Wunderlich was [...]

Andrew Varley (Profile)

After spending a number of years in the Retail Business, Andrew joined a Trio playing [...]

Penny Weedon (Profile)

Penny was born in Buckinghamshire to a musical family. When she was two they inherited [...]

Alex McAllister

Alex McAllister is an organist/keyboard player from the UK who uses a variety of keyboards [...]

Michael Wooldridge (Profile)

One of England's top electronic and theatre organists, Michael won the A.T.O.S. Young Theatre Organist [...]

Reginald Dixon Anniversary

Courtesy of Brian Marsden... May 9th 2015 marked the 30th Anniversary of the passing of [...]

Doreen Chadwick

Alan Ashton heard the news that on Thursday 26th June 2014 that organist Doreen Chadwick passed away [...]