A Message from Claudia Hirschfeld…

Corona: necessity is the mother of invention

Dear Friends!
The measures taken to prevent further spread of the Covid-19 virus have affected all our lives. As a freelance artist, I was deprived of my financial livelihood by the cancellation and prohibition of all events. How I would love to continue to be on stage for you, to bring you joy with my music and at the same time secure my income. But as it looks, this will not be possible in the next weeks or maybe even months.
But necessity is the mother of invention, and so my dear husband Andreas and I have come up with a way for you not to have to do without my music in the near future and at the same time help me to bridge this situation. With the “Virtual Ticket” I will provide you every day (!) from April 1st (initially for one month) via email with a video including one song, which I will record live in my home studio. The “Virtual Ticket” is a kind of music video subscription with which I hope to bring a little bit of distraction and joy into your everyday life. At the same time, the “ticket fee” helps me at least a little through this officially imposed compulsory break.
For only once 25 Euro you will get every day an email with a link to download the video file – this means in April 30 songs, so one song costs less than 1 Euro. The “Virtual Ticket” can be ordered by email now by clicking here. In the confirmation email, you will get all the details about the payment and the procedure.
I’m already looking forward to making the video recordings for you and of course, I hope for your solidarity! But even more, I hope that the ban on events can be lifted soon so that we can meet again in person at one or the other live event. Until then I wish you good health, but also God’s blessing and thank you for your help by buying a “ticket”.
Musically yours
The “Virtual Ticket” can be ordered by email now by clicking here.
Claudia Hirschfeld
P.O. Box 1147
59464 Ense