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Jason Lee – The Best of Lounge Organ

2015 compilation from his privately released ‘Lounge Organ’ series of CDs. Played on a KeyB organ, the CD is 99% ‘Hammound sound’ with a few sounds from a Roland BK-7m module, which also supplies the drums (which have been kept in the background).

A Whiter Shade of Pale
Music to Watch Girls By
Blue Star
Georgy Girl
The Carnival is Over
The Nearness of You / When I Fall in Love
Sing a Song
Woodchopper’s Ball / All My Loving / Congratulations
Summer of ’42
Moonlight in Vermont / Stardust
The House of the Rising Sun
Time Was / Sweet Lorraine
Forgotten Dreams / Moon River
Help Yourself / Love Me Tonight
I Won’t Last a Day Without You
Days of Wine and Roses
Up, Up and Away
Nights in White Satin


One may remember back in the mid 1970s those evenings when there wasn’t much worth watching on the television once Bruce’s Generation game was over or the guests have all left after the dinner party you hosted earlier. What better than to switch on the music centre and get out the electronic organ LPs. Well nowadays it seems not much has changed in that department except that a TV set is now slim enough to hang on your wall. Back in those days, a “hard drive” was a long trip in the car. There isn’t that much middle of the road organ music left these days. Something I associate with as “lounge” because it doesn’t really fit into any other category. I do hope you will share with me this journey down memory lane with the help of this compilation of tunes selected from the volumes of my “lounge organ” set of CDs.

Speaking of the instruments. Over the years, I have owned and tried many different models including quite a few different Hammond organs, however in present times the originals are getting long in the tooth and often need repairs. I’ve never been that much use with a soldering iron and my partner, (the engineer) hates cobwebs and spiders. These organs are unbelievably heavy to gig with and too fragile to move. Most of these recordings were played on a new organ made in Italy called a KeyB whereby the tones of a Hammond were carefully and accurately recreated with a process called tonewheel modelling. I also use rotary cabinet effects for extra realism while the drums and minimal use of orchestration are delivered from a Roland Bk-7m.

So now, press the “play” button and close your eyes and imagine you’re back where it all started. Harold Wilson is Prime Minister, your new Ford Capri parked on the drive bordered by conifers outside and you notice the pile of half eaten breadsticks on the table because nobody liked your experimental fondu earlier in the evening!