Klaus Wunderlich - Early Publicity Photo
Klaus Wunderlich – Early Publicity Photo

Klaus Wunderlich by Alan Ashton

My first introduction to the music of Klaus Wunderlich was through the purchase of one of his first LPs released in the United Kingdom. It was around this time that I began to produce and present my weekly programmes of theatre and electronic organ music on the local radio station, BBC Radio Manchester… now known as Greater Manchester Radio, or GMR for short.

During the early days of the programme, I learnt that Klaus was to visit Manchester as part of his very first UK tour, designed to promote his LPs which were by that time becoming extremely popular.

Research uncovered that a lady in Blackpool had taken on the role of setting up a Fan Club. Thus the Klaus Wunderlich Appreciation Society (KWAS) was born and until 1978 was run by Dorothy Timperley. I travelled to Blackpool to interview her for one of the programmes and some years later we got married!

Whenever Klaus toured the UK we made a point of meeting and inevitably I always made a point of interviewing him either for the radio show or for organ magazines.


Latest Recordings


Material from his "Hammond Pops" & "Hits Again" LPs released between 1967 and 1974.


Double CD containing 2 hours 14 minutes of early Hammond recordings. Over half of which is unreleased.


Classical recordings from Hammond Concerto, Romantic Melodies and Robert Stolz. Playing Hammond & Wersi.