ORGAN1st Radio
ORGAN1st Radio
ORGAN1st Radio is presented by ex-BBC broadcaster Alan Ashton. The monthly sixty-minute podcast features old and new recordings of theatre organs, electronic organs and keyboards and covers everything from Wersi to Wurlitzer and Hammond to Compton.

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Noel Briggs, Trevor Bolshaw, Harry Farmer, Al Bollington, John Mann, Richard Ellsasser, John Duffy, Terry Charles, The Three Suns, Charles Smitton, Bobby Pagan, Ian Darlington, John Walker, Bob Eyer Jnr., Leroy Lewis, Paul Roberts, Bill Thompson, Robinson Cleaver, Eddie Dunsteder, Gus Farney, Ramona Gerhard Sutton, Bryan Rodwell, Graeme Wright, David Hamilton, Arnold Loxam and Ralph & Buddy Bonds.

This December edition of ORGAN1st Radio originally started out as an idea for a YouTube video which can now be viewed by CLICKING THIS LINK. The video contains additional bonus tracks, rare pictures, biographical notes and much much more. It is titled ‘An ORGAN-ised Christmas’.

Let’s Make It A Party
Noel Briggs
Private Recording

Champagne For Two
Trevor Bolshaw
Melodies On The Move (Deleted CD)

Pink Champagne
Harry Farmer
Holiday For Organ (LP)

Blue Champagne
Al Bollington
Serenades In Blue (LP)

John Mann
I Love A Piano (Deleted CD)

Song Of The Bells
Richard Ellsasser
More Leroy Anderson (LP)

Bells Of St Marys
John Duffy
I Hear A Rhapsody (LP)

Silver Bells
Terry Charles
The Little Drummer Boy (Limited Edition LP)

Blue Bells Of Scotland
The Three Suns
Hi Fi & Wide (LP)

Charles Smitton
Paxton Record [PR558] (LP)

Bobby Pagan
Bosworth Record [BE29] (LP)

Pop Goes The Posthorn
Ian Darlington
The Best Of Ian Darlington (Deleted CD)

It’s Christmas In The Morning
John Walker
John Walker & The Digital Orchestra (Deleted CD)

Christmas In The City Of Angels
Bob Eyer Jnr.
A Capitol Christmas (Deleted CD)

Christmas On The Isthmus
Leroy Lewis
Christmas On The Isthmus (LP)

Christmas Eve In My Home Town
Paul Roberts
Organ & Keyboard Christmas (Deleted CD)

Bill Thompson (Unknown LP)

Jack In The Box
Robinson Cleaver
Private Recording

Toy Trumpet
Eddie Dunsteder
Mister Pipe Organ (LP)

Doll Dance
Gus Farney
Gus Farney At The Giant Five Manual Organ (LP)

Toy Tiger
Ramona Gerhard Sutton
Ramona (LP)

Flight Of A Toy Balloon
Bryan Rodwell
Yamaha Demo Disc

Robins Return
Graeme Wright
Wright On Farfisa (Deleted CD)

The Snow Waltz
David Hamilton
David Hamilton In Concert (LP)

Alpine Magic
Arnold Loxam
Come Back To Sorrento (Cassette)

The Party’s Over
Ralph & Buddy Bonds
Stagestruck (LP)