ORGAN1st Radio
ORGAN1st Radio
ORGAN1st Radio is presented by ex-BBC broadcaster Alan Ashton. The monthly sixty-minute podcast features old and new recordings of theatre organs, electronic organs and keyboards and covers everything from Wersi to Wurlitzer and Hammond to Compton.

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The Latest Show

This extended show is a tribute to organ festival organiser Cled Griffin who sadly passed away on 7th August 2021, just three weeks short of his 90th birthday.

Mark Shakespeare, Trevor Daniels, Brian Sharp, Byron Jones, Peter Bartle, Brian Hazelby, Yasashiko, Michael Brent, Dave Smith, Andy Carvill, Tony Pegler, David Shepherd, Alec Leader, Steve Lowdell, Keyklix, Alan Haven, Antonio Matia Mayolas, Jerry Allen, George Blackmore and Keith Beckingham.

Lunch Boxer (Show Theme Tune)
Jerry Allen & His Trio
The Music Of Jerry Allen & His Trio CD

The Sweeney (TV Film Theme)
Mark Shakespeare
Mark Shakespeare Plays Wersi (LP)

Trevor Danials
Time Was (LP)

Disco Classics
Brian Sharp
Orchestrally Yours (LP)

If I Could Make You Care
Byron Jones
Just Byron (LP)

Peter Bartle
Plays Hammond (LP)

C Jam Blues
Brian Hazelby
Yasashiko (LP)

Bring Me Sunshine
Michael Brent
Contrasts (LP)

Polka Medley
Dave Smith
Contrasts (LP)

Never On Sunday
Andy Carvill
Demo Of Gem H100 (EP)

Galloping Home
Tony Pegler
Coronado Cascade (LP)

David Shepherd
Theatreland (LP)

He Shouldn’t-a, Hadn’t-a, Oughtn’t-a Swang On Me
Alec Leader
On The Hammond Organ (LP)

Steve’s Boogies
Steve Lowdell
The Second Time (LP)

Brother Louie
Introducing Keyklix (Cassette)

I Want My Mamaalan Haven
Collectors Item (LP)

Chanson D’AMore
Antonio Matia Mayolas
El Diabolica Hammond (LP)

Take The ‘A’ Train
Jerry Allen
Organises The Royal Free Hospital (LP)

The Cuckoo
George Blackmore
Hammond Serenades Strauss (LP)

Liza / I Get A Kick Out Of You / Sometimes I’m Happy
Keith Beckingham
Space Age Hammond (LP)

Byron Jones
Sincerely (LP)