ORGAN1st Radio
ORGAN1st Radio
ORGAN1st Radio is presented by ex-BBC broadcaster Alan Ashton. The monthly sixty-minute podcast features old and new recordings of theatre organs, electronic organs and keyboards and covers everything from Wersi to Wurlitzer and Hammond to Compton.

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The Latest Show

George Blackmore, Glenn Derringer, Jackie Brown, Brian Sharp, John Bowdler, Howard Beaumont, Dave Nicholas, Robin Richmond, Lenny Dee, Robert Wolfe, Arnold Loxam, Nigel Ogden, John Kyffin, George Wright, David Harrild, Ken Griffin and Klaus Wunderlich.

Lunch Boxer (Show Theme Tune)
Jerry Allen & His Trio
The Music Of Jerry Allen & His Trio CD

Those Magnificent Me In Their Flying Machines
George Blackmore
Magnificent Music Machine (LP)

Up, Up & Away
Glenn Derringer
The Sky’s The Limit (LP)

Flying Down To Rio
Jackie Brown
Sentimental Journey (Cassette)

633 Squadron
Brian Sharp
Plays Light Classics CD

Aces High
John Bowdler
Music, Music, Music (Deleted CD)

Caribbean Clipper
Howard Beaumont
Romantic Pipes CD

Me And Jane In A Plane
Dave Nicholas
Play Music From The Twenties (LP)

Robin Richmond
The Organist Entertains (LP)

Fly Me To The Moon
Lenny Dee
The Lenny Dee Tour (LP)

ET – Flying Theme
Robert Wolfe
Together Wherever We Go (LP)

How High The Moon
Arnold Loxam
Happy Birthday Arnold (Deleted CD)

Also Sprach Zarustra / 2001 – A Space Odessy
Nigel Ogden
You Out To Be In Pictures (Deleted CD)

John Kyffin
I’ve Been Expecting You CD

Airport – Love Theme
George Wright
Reflections Of My Life (LP)

Trains, Boats & Planes
David Harrild
On The Road (Deleted CD)

My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time
Ken Griffin
Down Melody Lane (Double CD)

I Remember When
Ken Griffin
Down Melody Lane (Double CD)

Flying Home
Klaus Wunderlich
In The Miller Mood (LP)

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