ORGAN1st Radio
ORGAN1st Radio
ORGAN1st Radio is presented by ex-BBC broadcaster Alan Ashton. The monthly sixty-minute podcast features old and new recordings of theatre organs, electronic organs and keyboards and covers everything from Wersi to Wurlitzer and Hammond to Compton.

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The Latest Show

John Beesley, Lyn Larsen, Ronald Curtis, Stephen Vincent, Jonas Nordwall, Ron Rhode, Carol Williams, Mark Shakespeare, John Mann, Don Simmons, Stanly Wyllie, Jerry Nagano and John Kyffin.

Signature Tune
We’re In The Money

Olympic Flame
John Beesley
Orchestrally Organised (Deleted CD, A Few Copies Left)

With Plenty Of Money & You
Lyn Larsen
Premiere (LP)

What A Perfect Combination
Ronald Curtis
What A Perfect Combination (LP)

If I Had A Talking Picture Of You
Stephen Vincent
Supplied MP3

You Ought To Be In Pictures
Ronald Curtis
You Ought To Be In Pictures (LP)

10 Cents A Dance
Jonas Nordwall
Shades Of The Fox (Deleted CD)

Shakin’ The Blues Away
Ron Rhode
Ron Rhode At The Mighty Wurlitzer (LP)

Kitchen Rag
Carol Williams
Hammond Today (Deleted CD)

In The News
Carol Williams
Hammond Today (Deleted CD)

Big Spender
Mark Shakespeare
World Hits (Deleted CD)

Money, Money, Money
John Mann
An Eminent Experience (LP)

I Found A Million Dollar Baby
Don Simmons
A Session With Simmons (LP)

Poodle In The Park / I’ll Be Around / I’m Sure Of Everything But You / Chinatown My Chinatown
Stanly Wyllie
Fascinatin’ Rhythm (Deleted Cassette)

Get Some Cash For Your Trash
Jerry Nagano
Thanks For The Memory (Deleted CD)

Happiness / Romantica / Tears
John Kyffin
New CD Coming Soon!

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