Christmas Sequence Dance Music at the Technics FA-1


At the Yamaha Tyros 4 [Sequence].


His first Christmas CD from 2005. Twenty-five instrumental seasonal tunes played on Wersi’s Helios W2S & Spectra CD700 Golden Gate


Christmas classics and more recent pop tracks.


2012 release with Ronnie playing all keyboards (Ketron), lead and backing vocals.


The complete "Happy Holi-Dee" LP from 1961 and tracks from his "Golden Organ Favourites" LP (all playing Hammond).


2009 release on various keyboards [IS/ST]


Her popular Christmas CD recorded live on the Wersi Louvre


2000 release of Christmas songs, playing Hammond H-100 and the Wersi Beta & Helios. Contains the complete LP of “Hammond for Christmas” (1971), plus most of “Jingle Bells” (1987).


At the Free Trade Hall Wurlitzer, Manchester

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