Electronic Organ & Keyboard


2020 release of festive tunes at the Yamaha Genos.


2020 release at the Yamaha Genos [IS/ST].


2020 release at the Ketron SD1 Plus and Roland Mini Grand Piano GP 607 [IS/ST].


2002 release playing the Roland Atelier AT-90S.


September 2020 release with Claudia at the Wersi Sonic OAX-1000 and David Döring playing Panpipes.


August 2020 release at the Yamaha Genos. All Tracks In Sequence and suitable for Ballroom Dancing [IS/ST].


2020 release containing six live B3 tracks recorded at the Hammond Organ Club in Holland, plus twelve solo tracks recorded on Hammond A100.


Hammond Organ tracks recorded for the WMRO Radio Station in the 1940s. All new to CD.


The follow-up to "Double Dee-Light" featuring four of Lenny Dee's original re-mastered LPs, plus eight singles.


Double CD release by the late Lenny Dee (who died in February 2006). Contains 48 of his most famous tracks (Mono)


Features two complete albums: "Rockin’ with Milt" and "Rockin' Hammond".


1996 release at the Technics KN2000.


2002 compilation of tracks from "With Compliments" and "Spectrum" plus three new tracks - Playing Wersi Scala.


Original compositions by Claudia Hirschfeld, arranged for all electronic organs and keyboards.


1997 release at the Wersi Spectra CD700, Akai S1100, Gem S3, Korg NS5R, Korg Wavestation, Roland JV1080.