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The great organ of Methuen was the first concert organ in the USA and has a fairytale history!


Take a unique tour of Blenheim Palace with Carol Williams as she plays the 'Father' Willis Organ, the Steinway Grand piano in the Long Library and the Postill Organ in the Family Chapel.

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The Spreckels Organ, Our Lady of the Angels, LA, The Covenant Presbyterian Church in Fort Myers and Andover, England!


At the Oxford Town Hall "Father" Willis.


2010 release and the premiere recording of the 3m, 11r Wurlitzer recently installed in the Victoria Hall in Saltaire, near Manchester (formerly at the New Ritz Ballroom in Brighouse).


1997 compilation of tracks from the Top Rank Club (State) Kilburn, The Brentford Musical Museum, The Tuschinski Theatre Amsterdam and the Passage Theatre Schiedam.


1994 release playing organs of BC Shepherd & Son in Six London Churches. With 24 page booklet/inlay.


2001 Release at the Austin Organ, Forbidden City Concert Hall, Beijing, PR China.


Rare double CD classical release from 1998. Recorded at the Riverside Church, New York. Tom Hazleton, Robert Hebble, Timothy E. Smith, Steven Frank, Mark Miller, Robert Tall, Carol Williams and F. Swann.

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