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2018 release playing Wersi


November 2017 release of festive tunes at the Wersi Scala.


Christmas Sequence Dance Music at the Technics FA-1


23 track compilation of Light Classical pieces.


Early November 2017 Compilation featuring 35 of her all-time favourites, plus six unreleased tracks.


New documentary telling his story. Danish Import Blu-ray.


New documentary telling his story. Danish Import DVD.


2017 release at the Wurlitzer Theatre Organ, New Victoria Centre, Howden-le-Wear.


Beautiful arrangements of love songs played on the Yamaha Tyros 2 and iPad.


At the ex-Regal Cinema, Edmonton Christie now at Paul Kirner’s Music Palace.


A lovely mix of easy listening tunes at the Yamaha Tyros 4 & CVP-505.


Double CD of his ‘24 Melodies You’ll Never Forget’ vols. 1 & 2 LPs.


December 2016 release at the Technics FA-1.


A tribute to the popular radio show of the 1970s, playing vintage Wersi’s and Yamaha Tyros 2.


Unreleased studio-quality rehearsal recordings for his 1989 UK tour, playing Wersi Spectra.

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