2008 release for lovers of organ music. Playing the Hammond XE200. [IS/ST].


The fifth and final volume of ‘Hammond sound’ tracks.


2019 double CD release featuring 74 minutes at the Wurlitzer organ and 74 minutes at the Hammond. Two and a half hours in total!


The fourth volume of ‘Hammond sound’ tracks played on KeyB Live organ.


The third volume of ‘Hammond sound’ tracks played on KeyB Live.


More ‘Hammond sound’ on the KeyB & Nord C2D organs, plus Roland BK-7m.


At the KeyB organ, the CD is 99% ‘Hammond sound’ with a few sounds from a Roland BK-7m.


The Genesis of Soul/Jazz organ combos 1956-1962.


The complete "Happy Holi-Dee" LP from 1961 and tracks from his "Golden Organ Favourites" LP (all playing Hammond).


Ken Griffin, Ethel Smith, Harry Farmer, Fela Sowande, Gerd Mertens, Lenny Dee, David Mackersie and Robin Richmond.


Double CD release containing 52 tracks from this world-famous organist.