2020 release containing six live B3 tracks recorded at the Hammond Organ Club in Holland, plus twelve solo tracks recorded on Hammond A100.


The follow-up to "Double Dee-Light" featuring four of Lenny Dee's original re-mastered LPs, plus eight singles.


Double CD release by the late Lenny Dee (who died in February 2006). Contains 48 of his most famous tracks (Mono)


Features two complete albums: "Rockin’ with Milt" and "Rockin' Hammond".


The fifth and final volume of ‘Hammond sound’ tracks.


Two and a half hours of his first stereo recordings. Sourced from FIVE LPs.


The fourth volume of ‘Hammond sound’ tracks played on KeyB Live organ.


The third volume of ‘Hammond sound’ tracks played on KeyB Live.


More ‘Hammond sound’ on the KeyB & Nord C2D organs, plus Roland BK-7m.


At the KeyB organ, the CD is 99% ‘Hammond sound’ with a few sounds from a Roland BK-7m.


The Genesis of Soul/Jazz organ combos 1956-1962.


The complete "Happy Holi-Dee" LP from 1961 and tracks from his "Golden Organ Favourites" LP (all playing Hammond).


2012 release, aka "The Happy Organ And Other Great Recordings 1956-1961".


Ken Griffin, Ethel Smith, Harry Farmer, Fela Sowande, Gerd Mertens, Lenny Dee, David Mackersie and Robin Richmond.


Turn back the clock with sounds of the sixties, played on a Hammond A100 organ with a Leslie 145 cabinet