2008 release for lovers of organ music. Playing the Hammond XE200. [IS/ST].


Hammond Organ tracks recorded for the WMRO Radio Station in the 1940s. All new to CD.


October 2019 release containing thirty-tracks of classic Ken Griffin.


2019 double CD release featuring 74 minutes at the Wurlitzer organ and 74 minutes at the Hammond. Two and a half hours in total!


2006 publication containing Ethel Smith's own arrangements of eighteen of her finest recordings. Includes Hammond drawbar registrations. This book is published by ourselves (MSS Music Publishing) and is not available anywhere else. 48 Pages / 3 Stave.


New documentary telling his story. Danish Import Blu-ray.


Forty original tracks, most new to CD. One track per organist.


At the Roland 80SL, 350c combo, FP80 piano, Yamaha S950, Kawai SR6 & Hammond A100.


Hammond organ, Kurzweil piano and strings.


2014 release containing sixteen original compositions, playing Kurzweil piano, Hammond organ and rhythm.


Latin tracks, played on Hammond C3 and X5, Solina string machine & Wersi.


The Genesis of Soul/Jazz organ combos 1956-1962.


The complete "Happy Holi-Dee" LP from 1961 and tracks from his "Golden Organ Favourites" LP (all playing Hammond).


Ken Griffin, Ethel Smith, Harry Farmer, Fela Sowande, Gerd Mertens, Lenny Dee, David Mackersie and Robin Richmond.


Material from his "Hammond Pops" & "Hits Again" LPs released between 1967 and 1974.