Simon Gledhill – Troxy Wurlitzer Concert (4th January 2020)

Born to Be a Cinema Organist

The cinema organ is a marvel…of fantasy, sound, colour and awe-inspiring machinery. Wind rushes through nearly two thousand pipes…drums beat…cymbals crash…bells ring. The sound can become almost anything – a 110 piece orchestra, an 80 piece brass band, a jazz trio, a single pianist or a humble choir – all under the control of one master showman who is at once artist and magician.

And magical is just the way to describe an evening at the art deco Troxy – a momentary step back into the age when movie theatres were palaces with grand decor. Once you take your seat, there is a pause…and when the music begins, the room and its walls come alive.

The music surrounds you – it rolls out through the hall like an incredible wave, tickles your senses and knocks your socks off! We invite you to join us to hear Simn Gledhill at the Mighty Wurlitzer and experience…

Troxy Wurlitzer Logo

Troxy is easy to get to via public transport and is accessible for wheelchair users.

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Troxy, 490 Commercial Road, London, E1 0HX.
Concert presented by The Cinema Organ Society.