For a bit of festive fun this my arrangement of ‘Thankful Heart’. Written by Paul Williams for the 1992 Walt Disney film ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’ which stared Michael Caine and of course the Muppets! My original aim was to create a small ‘Marching Band’ type sound using mainly the ‘Tighter’ and more ‘Dynamic’ tones of the Paramount 341 Virtual Theatre Organ in conjunction with selected sounds and percussion from my Yamaha EL90 Electone. I hope you enjoy this jolly festive arrangement which I recorded live in my studio in Portugal.

Now, Its Christmas morning, snow covers Dickensian London, creating a crisp white surface on which to ‘paint’ a new day. Mr Scrooge, awakening from a troubled night, seizes the new day. All is not lost to the ‘old miser’ and feeling he owes a debt of gratitude to the three spirits who visited him during the night, he embraces the new day with a ‘Thankful Heart’.

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