The survival, ownership, installation and maintenance of the Trocadero Wurlitzer since the early demise of the Trocadero cinema in 1963 has been entirely in the hands of the Cinema Organ Society and funded by the generosity of its members. Over this time, the instrument has been used for public concerts, educational events and broadcasting and recording. The removal to storage in 2004 meant that once again the Society had to undertake the expensive and lengthy process of finding a new home and reinstalling the organ.


When it became apparent that the Troxy was likely to be that new home, it was decided in 2010 to set up a charitable organisation with the following aims:

  • The restoration of the Wurlitzer pipe organ formerly installed in the Trocadero Elephant and Castle
  • The installation and maintenance of the organ in a suitable building in the Greater London area, accessible by the general public, thus enabling its use for:
  • public concerts, silent film presentations and other musical events
  • Broadcasting and recording
  • As an educational resource for those learning about the social history of cinema-going in the 1930’s and for those interested in learning about theatre organ design, restoration and installation.
  • The key role of the Trust is to raise funds and achieve the above aims in partnership with the Cinema Organ Society.

WHY?… By achieving these aims, the Trust will ensure:

  1. The preservation of a unique musical instrument, originally the largest and finest of its kind in Europe, which forms an important part of the musical and social heritage of Greater London.
  2. Regular access to the organ by the general public for the purposes of musical appreciation and entertainment.
  3. Provision of the only large Wurlitzer pipe organ in the Greater London area which is regularly accessible and suitable for educational purposes, both teaching and practice.
  4. Furtherance of the increasingly rare specialist skills, knowledge and understanding of theatre pipe organ construction, restoration and maintenance.


The Trust’s governance is linked constitutionally to the Cinema Organ Society’s own governing body, the General Committee, in such a way that the aims and objectives of the two organisations remain congruent and in step with one another, with common Trustees and Officers. The ownership of the Trocadero Wurlitzer remains with the Cinema Organ Society, but the Trust provides the means to ensure its future in the public ear and eye.

The Trocadero Wurlitzer Trust
The Trocadero Wurlitzer Trust