The aims of WersiClub International are to provide every possible aspect of help and assistance to all Club Members by enabling them to realise the full musical potential that their chosen Wersi instrument has to offer.

To act as a portal of communication with Wersi Direct and Wersi UK thus enabling Wersi owners to:

  • Keep up-to-date with all the latest updates and developments provided by Wersi.
  • Offer suggestions and requests to the mutual benefit of both Wersi and themselves.

WersiClub International was the idea of Helmut Kwiczorowski, Wersi’s Export Manager at the time, who, in November 2006, suggested that he would like to start a Wersi Club for the UK. After a few weeks of thought I offered to run the Club. It was to be a website-based Club, in English, and open to all Wersi owners world-wide. Hence the “International” part of its name.

My name is Colin Moore and I live in the County of Dorset in England. My Wersi Verona is the first Wersi organ I have owned and I bought it direct from Wersi in September 2005. I am now retired from a career in teaching Science so have the time to devote to the Club.

The Club started unofficially in April, 2007, using e-mail contact alone. In June, 2007, I set up a blogsite as a temporary website for the Club. In September, 2007, the Club was officially launched at Pakefield. We had over 70 members world-wide and two blogsites.

This site will undergo further development, so do keep visiting us. If you have a Wersi organ/keyboard/piano and are not yet a member, it is quite free to join. Even if you are just considering a purchase of a Wersi instrument, you can still become a member of WersiClub International.

WersiClub International is organised and run by Colin Moore and Ken Belton.